Photography Shallow Depth Of Field

“We’ll learn some advanced controls for Iris Blur and Field Blur from blur gallery … the method in this tutorial involves creating a Smart Object from your base photo and then applying an Iris Blur …

A shallow depth of field is created in your photo when the plane of focusing is small. It will make the subject stand out from the rest of the elements in the scene, provided rest of the things in the background are at a distance from the subject.

Three Steps Method for Taking Beautiful Shallow Depth of Field Photos This is what’s called deep depth of field and shallow depth of field. Find out how to take full control of this in-camera photography effect and answer any of the common photography questions you may …

If you zoom into 100mm from the same spot, the depth of field changes to 9.2-10.9m (30.1-35.8′) for a total of 1.7m (5.7′) of depth of field. But if you move to 20m (66′) away from your subject using the 100mm lens, your depth of field is almost the same as it would be at 10 meters using a 50mm lens.

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and shallow depth of field is such a good look that smartphones are trying to imitate it using dual lenses and computational photography. But what really is depth of field, and how do you control it? …

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F22 equals no depth of field in Portrait unless you are doing Macro which will create shallow depth of field even at F22 The trick is set it for your widest Aperture (F2.8 – F4) and shoot with your 55-250mm set at 100-200mm and get a bit of distance from your subject to fill the frame.

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